Privacy by Design: What does my site collect

Part 2 of my series for the App Developers Association for the Privacy by Design Series helps brands and apps better understand what data they collect, and how to better communicate that with their users:

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Privacy by Design: An Introduction

I recently kicked off a short series for the App Developers Association called, Privacy by Design, whose goal is to help developers understand some of the biggest privacy issues are for their apps in the app store.  Check out the first article here:

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Marc Andreessen’s Guide to Startups (2007)

In the true spirit of #tbt, I wanted to share one of the most insightful guides to startups I have ever read, by none other than Marc Andreessen.   Even though this piece is from 2007, it is still relevant today and is a MUST-read for anyone interested in startups. Apparently this 5-part guide doesn’t […]

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Interview: Changing Media Landscape

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the App Developers Association to discuss the changing media landscape for digital consumers.  I hope the podcast is useful and the information can help!

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Google for Kids?

‘With great power, comes great responsibility’ – Voltaire Earlier this week, a report leaked on the Information  announced that Google was looking to open their identity platform to kids under 13, and caused quite a stir within the kidtech space.  As the resident 900lb gorillas in every internet industry, Google and Facebook (which would surely […]

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Happy 21st Birthday Acedajoker

Member since 92

Last Sunday I celebrated for an old friend that I have more or less ignored for the last decade.   My original AOL screenname, Acedajoker turned 21 years old.  (FYI,  have absolutely no idea what that screenname means, I was 7 when i created it!).   Reflecting on this milestone brought me back to my […]

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FOSI 2013: Connect, Share and Empower

Its me on the COPPA panel at the FOSI Conference in 2013!

On November 6-7th I had the pleasure of attending my second Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) Conference down in Washington, DC to interact with an amazing collection of business leaders, policy makers, government representatives, teachers, parents and journalists.  The conference takes a look at how families are affected by the internet and technology and specifically […]

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If it Were Easy, it Wouldn’t be Fun


October 17th, 2013 is a day that will absolutely be the changing point in my life, as I have decided to take the road less traveled and leave my cushy corporate job after 2+ years to become an entrepreneur and start my own company.   Throughout my life and career I have always tried to […]

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