Dan Nelson

    I have been called 'the Wolf' in past jobs (in the Pulp Fiction way) because I am the guy you call when you have a complex problem and need to figure out and implement a creative and effective solution.

    My process is part art, and part science, and a lot of hustle.  As a ‘recovering accountant’ I start with the data (it helps that I am an excel Jedi), and naturally gravitate towards looking at as much micro and macro information as I can find to get a comprehensive understanding of the underlying metrics and KPIs in any situation.  

    From there I work tirelessly to speak with everyone who has a stake to understand what they need and want, and where the challenges and opportunities are and synthesize a course of action.  From there it’s all about communication and attention to details to get these projects managed and solved, launched and stable.  
    In my winding career, I have worked in numerous sectors such as: digital media & technology, entertainment, B2B and B2C eCommerce, compliance, publishing, banks and more, and have found success in companies from startups to international organizations.   While they are all varied, the same principles and approach have carried me to great heights.

    I am always moving forward and trying to drive my knowledge and network and love working with small businesses, enterprises and everyone in between to solve complex challenges.